21 Feb

List of competitions for college students

List of competitions for college students Competitions provide a platform for students to broaden their horizons and explore new opportunities. The students can discover unique ways of achieving better things in life by securing scholarships and training at prestigious institutes and getting a chance to work with top-notch companies. Participation

07 Jan

Science Experiments with Water

Science plays an important role in higher school children’s life as it is a thing that you can always apply in your daily life. There is nothing on this planet earth exist on which you cannot apply science. The ball you throw on the plan can stop by itself because

13 Dec

Easy memorization techniques for students

memorization techniques for students

When exam time is just around the corner students wonder how they can memorise things. Students need to understand that instead of studying things verbatim it is important to understand the subject properly. If students study on a regular basis then naturally they will not feel any pressure when the

14 Nov

How to Improve Writing Skills for Kids

The Squizzle World is probably the best magazine for children with a huge variety of games and activities. These basic and fun games will enable you to child to learn and investigate, helping them to build up some subjective abilities and lift their development. The magazine also gives a wide

14 Nov

Advantages of Security Systems in Schools

These days Security System in School is a primary concern; most of the urbanized cities are prone to have threats. So parents always feel insecure about the school campus security. You need to activate the good security system at your school campus, to keep your campus environment safe and friendly so that

25 Oct

Best online resources for high school students

The world is growing day by day in all technical means; there is not a single thing or information you cannot get through online medium whether you are talking about the education or any other activities such as playing games, shopping, etc. internet provides you everything that a human needs

20 Oct

Grow a better learning environment at school

Is my child safe at school? This is a very common concern for most of the parents all over the world. In fact, many unwanted accidents occur at the school premises or during commutation to or from school.  We have seen many sad incidents occurring at schools that have even



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