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25 Jan

App Advertising Scam No One Is Talking About!

If you are one of those who are totally unaware of the app advertising frauds then this blog will be going to help you to understand, what actually application advertising fraud is? How does it work? How you can understand it? And how you will do to be away from

08 Jan

Digital Marketing Funnel Stages

Digital marketing funnel has been a topic of debate for very long, plenty of people think that they know what exactly does it mean and few are still debating about it. Digital marketing funnel has played an essential role for every marketer and it can now use to generate more

07 Jan

Ways to Increase Hotel Revenue

It is important to think and plan about the tempting ways, that increase the sales and, and generate the most possible revenue for your hotel. For some time your strategies will work and sell rooms but not for a long time. It’s important to understand about every strategy because most

09 Sep

How video advertising could erode Brand Safety?

Therefore, an advertiser is very important for you to take preventive measures to keep your brand safe. You can add some of the brand safety checks to your campaign process which will help you to ensure that your brand is protected online. Make sure that you are aware of where

09 Sep

mPowerIt Monthly ad-fraud digest

mPowering the Industry! mPowering the Industry! We at mFilterIt are always committed to work towards ‘Eliminating ad-fraud’. This cannot be done alone by us and every stakeholder in the industry has to do its own bit. However, we are always ready to collaborate with each one of you out there



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