22 Feb

What is school safety?

Grow a better learning environment at school with online Brunhild security platform Is my child safe at school? This is a very common concern of most of the parents all over the world. In fact, many unwanted accidents occur at the school premises or during commutation to or from school. 

21 Feb

Commercial Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer in Delhi

One common zone of interest among all the creatures in the world is – food. We all love food. Food has been coined as one of the three basic needs for life. Food is not only a need, but we are always in search of variety and new flavors. We

25 Jan

App Advertising Scam No One Is Talking About!

If you are one of those who are totally unaware of the app advertising frauds then this blog will be going to help you to understand, what actually application advertising fraud is? How does it work? How you can understand it? And how you will do to be away from

16 Dec

Jaisalmer Desert Camp Package

Jaisalmer desert Camp

The city of Jaisalmer has always been called as the “Golden City” and is known globally for its culture and tradition. Other than lavish havelis and its royal history, the city is also famous for the Thar Desert. A safari in these deserts provides a chance to know all about

10 Nov

What are boxer briefs?

Earlier, it used to be a simple task to select and buy underwear because of the less variety and options. Nevertheless, today, when you can get variety in each and every garment, men’s underwear also comes to the option. Now, you can get options in men’s underwear too. There are

26 Oct

What is Hospitality in Hotels?

Hospitality is all about the service you get while visiting the hotels; it is all about the best customer service. Hospitality in hotels and hospitality at a different place is slightly different which you will get to understand after reading the entire blog. We have prepared this blog to make

20 Oct

What is digital marketing? The world is no less than a global village right now. Therefore, online or digital marketing has become the marketing mode for this world. It is thus, only obvious that the internet era will certainly have its own influence in life’s every realm. Customers nowadays are

09 Sep

How video advertising could erode Brand Safety?

Therefore, an advertiser is very important for you to take preventive measures to keep your brand safe. You can add some of the brand safety checks to your campaign process which will help you to ensure that your brand is protected online. Make sure that you are aware of where

09 Sep

mPowerIt Monthly ad-fraud digest

mPowering the Industry! mPowering the Industry! We at mFilterIt are always committed to work towards ‘Eliminating ad-fraud’. This cannot be done alone by us and every stakeholder in the industry has to do its own bit. However, we are always ready to collaborate with each one of you out there



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